Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Day in History: The Inauguration of Obama

Today is the day history was made in the Beacon to the World. Barack Obama, the first black man ever elected to what is sometimes called "the most important job in the world," was sworn in as president. And Joseph Biden was sworn in as vice president, the first Catholic to have ever been sworn into that position.

After being sworn in on the Bible, as is customary, a speech was made by the now President Obama. The one thing a person would notice aside from the eloquence of the oration is the many ambitions the speech conveyed to the public. He said that it is time to utilize the clean power of nature to provide ourselves with electricity. He said that it is time for the United States to return to its place as the Beacon to the World by lending a hand to undeveloped nations and telling first world countries that they should not stand by while other human beings are living in hellholes. Aside from the points with which many can sympathize, there is also a strand of utopianism in the most recent inaugural oration. He claims that as tribal distinctions continue to crumble and the world becomes smaller, a new age of peace and prosperity will be ushered. Finally, he said that, after the hell that the Civil War and Segregation put together are, a black man was sworn in as president.

When the speech was completed, the president went into the White House to partake in what appears to be a nomination spree. Since I can only guess if he is continuing this or if he has moved on to other presidential matters.

What will this new administration bring? Will it keep its promises? Will it fail miserably and be derided in the history books? Only time will reveal the answers to these questions.

By the way, George Bush was shown clapping after the speech was completed. He must be thinking, "man, I wish I could make a speech like that."