Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Blasphemy Day (Seriously, there is such a thing)

For too long has religion, in many places around the world, been a sacred cow that cannot be criticised without fear of reprisal, whether legal or physical. For too long have there been fines for blasphemy on the books in various countries (e.g. Ireland), clauses in constitutions that forbid blasphemous speech (also Ireland; see via, and even draconian measures-such as the death penalty-imposed on those who criticize religion (see here: and here: For too long have there been Muslim protests whose members carry placards that read "BEHEAD THOSE WHO SAY ISLAM IS VIOLENT" without sensing the slightest bit of hilarious irony. Now is the time to strike. We must protest these stifling and backward legal measures in the name of freedom of speech, one of the most precious freedoms known to man.

^The civilian version of what Blasphemy Day protesters
are taking to the streets over.